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Clock Repair Services

Contemporary and antique clock repairs by Dar's Clock Service. We take time to repair clocks properly!

Clock Repairs on Antique and Contemporary Clocks

Is your clock not running well, or has it stopped altogether? Don't worry - we can bring your tired clock back to life!

Antique Clock Repairs

Antique Clock Repairs - Cuckoo Clock Most antique clocks are designed to provide years of enjoyment with little maintenance, and generally work great... until they stop. Just as a car needs regular servicing to perform its best, antique clocks also need to be serviced regularly to perform their best.

In general, your antique clock should receive servicing and minor repairs regularly to avoid large, costly overhauls, and to ensure that it continues to perform reliably.

Ironically, time takes it's toll on clocks. The holes in the movement plates become worn and misshapen, forcing the gears and wheels out of alignment. Lubricating oil dries up and becomes gummy, causing excessive wear on the clock's moving parts. Debris, dust, fuzzies, dead spiders, and the like get caught in the clock movement, causing friction. Eventually all of these factors combined require too much force for the clock to continue running, and it stops.

As you might guess, antique clock repairs can be tricky. Parts for antique clocks are not always available, however our expertise and equipment enables us to provide quality antique clock repairs on almost any antique clock.

Contemporary Clock Repairs

Antique Clock Repairs - Contemporary Clock Clocks made after 1950 are generally considered to be "contemporary" or "modern" clocks. Unlike antique clocks which are built to last a lifetime and beyond, newer clocks generally are expected to last anywhere from 10-30 years - depending on the movement - before developing major mechanical problems.

Like antique clocks, time takes a toll on contemporary clocks too. These newer clocks have mass-produced movements, usually German-made, and synthetic oils that are quite good. However, over time mainsprings weaken, crack or break, and the barrels that hold them wear out. Pivots become scratched and thin, and the bushings wear out. As a result, the movement tightens, binds up or jams, and either stops running altogether or doesn't run well.

Although many clock repair technicians will say that newer clocks can't be repaired, this isn't always the case. A high-quality movement that just needs a little bushing and pivot work can easily be repaired. However, sometimes a new movement can be installed for about the same price as repairing the old, resulting in basically a brand new clock that will provide you with many more years of enjoyment.

Contemporary and Antique Clock Repairs are Done Properly

Although both contemporary and antique clock repairs commonly follow the same basic procedure, every clock is unique and requires individualized repairs and restorations.

Generally, the following steps taken to repair your clock:

  • Antique Clock Repairs - Movement The clock is photographed, tagged, and labeled for our records.
  • The clock movement is carefully taken out of the case and the dis-assembeled as needed for cleaning.
  • Every part of the movement is wiped down if needed, then cleaned in a special distillate ultrasonic solution to remove dust, oils, and dirt. After cleaning, the parts are rinsed, dried, and any cleaning residue is carefully wiped away.
  • All moving parts are then carefully examined. Deformed or worn gear teeth and pivots are repaired or replaced on the gears. Gear pivots are polished by with 400 and 600 grit sandpaper.
  • Next we repair clock bushings. Bushings are holes in the metal plates through which each gear pivot turns. Over time, each bushing wears and accumulates embedded dirt which must be removed by hand. Misshapen bushings are replaced.
  • If there are mainsprings, these are inspected and cleaned next. If there are visible imperfections, they will be replaced. A mainspring that breaks within your clock can do substantial damage.
  • Minor restorations to the clock case will be done in our studio; however more involved restorations will be referred to someone who specializes in this type of work.
  • Antique Clock Repairs - Weights Specialized repairs and restorations specific to your modern or antique clock's needs will also be done at this time.
  • At this point the movement is put back together again, then oiled and greased. It is placed in our testing area, where we test it for several days.
  • When we are satisfied that the movement is running properly, the movement is reinstalled back in the case, then placed in our testing area for several more days. Final adjustments are made as needed.
  • When we are confident that your clock will continue to run when it gets home we contact you to pick up your clock.
  • We realize you are probably anxious to get your antique clock home as soon as possible, but it takes time for proper antique clock repair. We don't want you to be disappointed so we take the time to do antique clock repairs properly.

Contemporary and Antique Clock Repair Pricing

While we are pleased to provide professional clock repair at reasonable prices, if we are asked to "cut corners" and skip some repairs to keep the final price within a certain amount, we cannot guarantee the work.

  • Antique Clock Repairs: We pride ourselves on quality antique clock repairs and restorations, and only replace worn parts if necessary. Not only does this maintain the integrity of your antique clock's inner workings, it also saves you money!

  • Contemporary Clock Repairs: We also strive to save you money on repairs to modern clocks. When repairing a newer clock it is often more cost-effective to replace the entire movement rather than to take it apart to repair individual parts of the movement.


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