Clock Repair Business - a Family Affair

Dar's Clock Service, LLC has been a family-owned and operated clock repair business since opening its doors in 2003.

Meet our Clock Repair Business Family

We'd like to introduce you to each of the family members who are happily involved in various aspects of the clock repair business.

Dawin Hintz - Clock Repair Technician

Clock Repair Business TechnicianDar is the heart and soul of Dar's Clock Service. He is familiar with the many types of clock repair and construction techniques that have been used throughout time, and uses the most appropriate repair techniques and materials to produce proper results.

Dar is a member of two professional organizations: the American Watchmakers - Clockmakers Institute (AWCI) and the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC).

Irene Hintz - Clock Repair Business Manager

Irene is Dar's loving wife of over 50 years. In addition to unconditional love and support for both Dar and the clock repair business, Irene is co-owner and acts as Chief Financial Officer. Although her primary responsibilities are the business's finances, she has been known to help out wherever needed, from receiving clocks to record-keeping.

Jonah Nogar - Clock Repair Business Apprentice

Clock Repair Business ApprenticeJonah began work in the clock repair business assisting Irene with general office work and filing; however it wasn't long before Dar began teaching him the basics of clock repair.

As apprentice clock repair technician, Jonah is learning initial clock repair techniques and can independently dismantle, make adjustments to, and reassemble a wide variety of clocks. His specialty is repairing Grandfather and modern German clock movements.

Some of the things he enjoys about the clock repair business are the challenge of repairing a clock and seeing how all the pieces fit together, and the satisfaction when a newly repaired clock comes back to life again.

Why a Clock Repair Business?

In times past, clocks were an integral part of family life. Not only were clocks valuable for keeping time, carving intricate clock cases helped farmers fill the long winter hours and the finished clocks became a decorative showpiece in the home. Many of these beautiful clocks became heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation.

Dar grew up surrounded by clocks passed down from his ancestors, and spent many hours taking old clocks apart and putting them back together again. As an adult he built several clocks together from kits, the highlight of which was a Grandfather clock built from a "Do it Yourself" kit. When it was finished he gathered his family around to witness its first tick-tocks. The thrill of that experience combined with his passion for clocks inspired him to follow his dream of owning a clock repair business.

As with any good businessman, there was also a practical aspect to Dar's decision to open a clock repair business. As owner of many clocks that required regular maintenance, he saw a need for a clock repair business in the area. He also realized that for the amount he was paying to have all of his clocks cleaned, oiled, and repaired he could go to "clock school" and learn how to do it himself.

Dar has attended Empire Clock School in Fairhope, Alabama and Howard Miller Clock School in Zeeland, Michigan. In 2003 he opened Dar's Clock Service, LLC; finally fulfilling his dream of owning a clock repair business. He regularly adds to his expertise through continuing education courses in Racine, Wisconsin, his mentor in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and continuous work with self-study materials.


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