Welcome to our Clock Repair Shop

At Dar's Clock Service, LLC, the clock repair shop is part of our home and your clock is treated like family.

Professional Clock Repair Shop

Despite being home-based, Dar's Clock Service, LLC is a professional clock repair shop. We are fully licensed and insured, and have been BBB Accredited with a grade of "A+" since 2010. Dar is a member of the American Watchmakers - Clockmakers Institute and keeps current with the horology industry.

Advantages to a Home-Based Clock Repair Shop

We established our clock repair shop in our home instead of a separate storefront because we believe it provides many advantages and enables us to better serve you, our customer.

Some of the advantages that our home-based clock repair shop offers are:

  • Time. Rather than the traditional clock repair shop's "9 to 5" business hours, we are able to make appointments for you to drop off or pick up your clock just about any time it's convenient for you.

  • Attention. Because the clock repair shop is part of our home, we can check on your clock often during the final testing and adjustment phase of the clock repair process. We'll discover if an adjustment is needed, make the adjustment, and check on the clock again more quickly and often than if the clock repair shop was elsewhere.

  • Savings. Since we don't have the overhead of traditional clock repair and retail shops, we can pass the savings on to you with reasonable clock repair charges and competitive prices on the clocks we sell.

Take a Tour of our Clock Repair Shop

As with many home-based businesses, the line between "business" and "personal" is blurred so you can find aspects of the clock repair shop in many areas of our home, beginning with a multitude of the clocks ticking peacefully throughout the house.

Our home's back entrance area doubles as a reception area for the clock repair shop, where customers drop off and pick up their clocks.

Clock Repair Shop - Shelf with Repaired Clocks

For customers' convenience, finished clocks are placed in a closet near the entryway to wait patiently for their owners to return for them.

Next to the closet is a desk dedicated to clock shop paperwork and the previously-owned clocks we have available for purchase.

Clock Repair Shop - Most of the Shop

The heart of our clock repair shop can be found in a special area of our basement specifically designed for and dedicated to nothing but clock repair.

Clock Repair Shop - Clocks Waiting for Repair

This space has been customized to provide everything a clock repair shop needs, including excellent lighting, a climate beneficial to clocks, ample storage space for clocks at every stage of repair, and plenty of space for all the professional tools clock repair technicians require.

Clock Repair Shop - Desk with Clock Pieces

Secluded from the rest of the house, the clock repair shop provides a quiet environment in which to work and a safe place where tools, clocks, and various pieces and parts can safely be left out without fear that they will be disturbed.


  • Saturdays 9:00 am to Noon
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Dar's Clock Service, LLC
1033 W. Oklahoma St.
Appleton, WI.

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"If you don't have the time to do it right, when will you have the time to do it over?" ~John Wooden

"We have no quarrel with the man who has lower prices.
He knows better than anybody else what his work is worth." ~Unknown