Cuckoo Clock Repair

Cuckoo clock repairs are some of the most difficult repairs in the business; many clock shops even refuse to work on cuckoo clocks. But not Dar's Clock Service - we love cuckoo clock repair and restorations!

Cuckoo Clocks

Cuckoo Clock Repairs - Cuckoo Clock with PeopleCuckoo clocks are incredibly popular, and for good reason; who can resist the cheerful little bird that pops out of a door calling "Cuckoo!" at regular intervals? In addition, many cuckoo clocks feature intricate carvings and other animated figures besides the traditional cuckoo bird.

The cuckoo clock is believed to originate in the Black Forest region of Germany in the 1730s, and eventually became the symbol for that region. Traditionally cuckoo clocks were made by farmers during the long winter months when their farms were snowed-in. Peddling "clock carriers" arrived with the spring, and spent the summer months selling Black Forest cuckoo clocks all over Europe.

Our family's ancestors originated in Germany, so cuckoo clocks have always been special to our family. When Dar was a boy his family lived in Germany for several years while his dad was stationed at an Air Force base. While in Germany, Dar's family visited the Black Forest and his parents purchased three cuckoo clocks: one for each set of Dar's grandparents, and one for themselves. Eventually the clocks were passed down to Dar, who plans to pass them down to his three children.

Cuckoo Clock Repair

Cuckoo Clock Repairs - Cuckoo Clock Parts The more moving parts a cuckoo clock has, the harder it is to coordinate all the movements and functions, which makes cuckoo clock repair a challenge. When one part gets "off" it can throw the whole clock off, but minor cuckoo clock repairs can sometimes be done at home.

  • For problems with the clock: First double-check that you have all the parts, including 2 weights and a pendulum. (Musical cuckoo clocks will have 3 weights.) Be sure the case is level, then wind the cuckoo clock by gently pulling the weights up. Push the pendulum to the right or left to start the clock. Listen for an even "tick-tock" sound. If the tick-tocks are uneven, move the case to the right or left until the tick-tocks are even. Leave the clock in this position for several hours to make sure it continues to run. If it does, make minor adjustments to the wire on the back of the clock until the clock runs evenly when the case is leveled.
  • Problems with the cuckoo bird may also have an easy fix: First, check to see if your cuckoo clock has an "on-off" switch on the side. If it does, make sure the switch is in the "on" position. Next, check the cuckoo's door to make sure the wire latch at the top isn't blocking the door. Obviously, if it is the cuckoo bird can't get out.
  • If you've tried both of these remedies and the clock still doesn't work you need to bring it to us for professional cuckoo clock repair.

Types of Cuckoo Clocks We Repair

Cuckoo Clock Repairs - Cuckoo Clock with Birds We realize that your cuckoo clock has great sentimental value to you, and it's important that it operate properly. You don't want it "tinkered with", or repaired by someone whose heart isn't in it.

We love cuckoo clock repair and will work on all types of cuckoo clocks, from the little cuckoo clock bought from a military "PX" in Germany (like our family's cuckoo clocks!) to the beautifully ornate cuckoo clock made in the Black Forest, and everything in between! Cuckoo clock repair is one of our favorite types of clock repair work.

We can repair, restore, or replace most cuckoo clock movements, mechanisms, bellows, music movements, animated components, and various other cuckoo clock parts, accessories, and hardware. After our cuckoo clock repair work your clock will perform the way it was intended to; "Cuckoo-ing" regularly for many years.


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