Grandfather Clock Repair

Is your Grandfather clock's pendulum not swinging? Are the weights not dropping or the chimes not chiming? Don't worry; our Grandfather Clock repair will breathe new life into your tired Grandfather clock!

Grandfather Clocks

Grandfather Clock Repairs - Grandfather Clock Grandfather clocks are believed to originate in Holland in the 1600s. The term "Grandfather clock" became popular due to a song called "My Grandfather's Clock" written by the American songwriter Henry Work in the 1876.

The song describes how the lives of a grandfather and his special clock were intertwined. The clock was "bought on the morn of day that he was born" and was "always his treasure and pride". As the grandfather grew up, the clock "shared both his grief and his joy" - chiming 24 times when he brought home a bride, and sounding an alarm as his life drew to a close. Finally, the clock "stopped short, never to go again, when the old man died."

The very first clock Dar ever built was a Grandfather clock, made with a do-it-yourself kit. His family remembers the large box of clock parts lying in the living room, the hours he spent painstakingly making sure everything was just right, how our anticipation grew as the mysterious pieces began to resemble a real clock, and finally our excitement when we heard the first tick-tocks and chimes.

Grandfather Clock Repair

Grandfather Clock Repairs - Grandfather Clock Face In general, most Grandfather clocks will happily run 15-20 years before needing repairs. That may not sound like long, however over 15 years of operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the average Grandfather clock will have produced more than 470 million tick-tocks, and will have chimed more than 500 thousand times. (Try running a car 24/7 for 15 years and see what happens!)

Eventually the normal wear-and-tear caused by years of faithful service slowly builds up, causing the clock to perform less and less efficiently, until it finally stops.

Well-meaning Grandfather clock owners may hasten their clock's decline without knowing it. Most people don't realize that they should stop their Grandfather clock before going away for a long period of time. A Grandfather clock's weights should never be allowed to go all the way to the bottom - that's not good for any weight-driven clock. When the owners return and try to rewind the clock, it jams up and needs repair.

Another common mistake made with many Grandfather clocks is turning the hands backward. Although a few movement manufacturers do allow this (see your manual for information about your specific clock), in general the hands of a striking clock should never be wound backward. Doing so bends the striking levers so they don't go up high enough to strike, then the clock won't chime. Every year when it's time to "fall back" from Daylight Savings time, stop the clock for one hour then re-start the pendulum.

Grandfather Clock Repair Includes House Calls

Grandfather Clock Repairs - Grandfather Clock Weights Most Grandfather clocks are too large and cumbersome for you to safely transport to us for repair, and difficult for us to handle within our shop. Instead of bringing your Grandfather clock to us, let us come to you!

We'll remove your Grandfather clock's movement, weights and pendulum, then take them back to our studio for repair and restoration. When the repair work is finished we'll bring your Grandfather clock parts back to your home and reinstall them in their case. Due to the delicate nature of Grandfather clocks, we cannot allow owners to re-install repaired Grandfather clock parts themselves; professional re-installation by Dar's Clock Service is always the final step in our Grandfather clock repairs.

Don't worry about added "House call" expenses; fees for both pick-up and drop-off are included in the Grandfather clock repair charge, as is mileage within a 10 mile radius of our shop.

Types of Grandfather Clocks We Repair

We perform Grandfather Clock repair on all types of Grandfather (and Grandmother) clocks; from the newer Grandfather clock you found in the local furniture store to the beautiful antique Grandfather clock that has been passed down in your family for generations, and everything in between! We also repair Grandfather clocks built from "do it yourself" kits.

We can repair, restore, or replace Grandfather clock mechanisms, weights, pendulums, dials, numerals, parts, accessories, and hardware. Rest assured that after our Grandfather clock repair work your clock will tick-tock and chime the way it was intended to; bringing you joy for many more years.


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