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Has your quartz clock stopped in its tracks? Many clock repair shops shun quartz clock repair, but not Dar's Clock Service! Our quartz clock repair will help your beloved quartz clock start ticking again!

Quartz Clocks

Quartz Clock Repairs - Oval Quartz Clock Quartz clocks actually use quartz crystals to keep time. Unlike mechanical clocks that need to be wound in order to keep running, quartz clocks are powered by an electronic oscillator, which is regulated by a quartz crystal. This technology is extremely precise, which means that quartz clocks are much more accurate than mechanical clocks. In addition, a quartz crystal's size does not change much as temperatures fluctuate, so a quartz clock will remain relatively accurate despite temperature changes.

The first quartz clock was built in America, in 1927. Despite its accuracy it was too large, costly and difficult to mass-produce. However, by the late 1960s the technology to make transistors into micro-processors and button-cell batteries was developed, making quartz clocks and watches easier and cheaper to produce. Quartz clocks continue to dominate the market because they are inexpensive, yet provide excellent performance.

Although earlier quartz movements were made of a combination of plastic and metal parts, newer quartz movements are often mostly plastic. Plastic produces a lighter, quieter and cheaper movement, but it doesn't last very long.

Quartz Clock Repair vs Replacement

Quartz clocks are so easy and cheap to produce that most are designed to have a life span of just five to ten years before they fail; however some quartz clocks do run for much longer.

Sometimes a quartz clock stops running because of a simple problem like a weak or dead battery, or corrosion on the battery terminals. This is the type of quartz clock repair you can easily do at home; either by replacing the battery or by cleaning the battery terminals.

Quartz Clock Repairs - Mantle Quartz ClockIf your clock stops working after a fall it's very likely that something inside the clock was jarred loose or out of alignment, causing your clock to stop. A professional quartz clock repair technician may be able to find the problem and fix it easily.

Sometimes quartz clocks stop stop because the lubricating oil inside the mechanism has become sticky and caused the gears to jam up, because the magnetized rotor gear collected tiny metal particles that caused the clock to stop, or because the circuit board has been damaged. In each of these circumstances, you should bring your clock to a professional quartz clock repair technician.

Unfortunately, quartz clock repair is often not the answer for inoperative quartz clocks. Quartz clock movements are usually manufactured as a single sealed unit and have parts made of nylon or plastic, which means quartz clock repair may not be worth the time or cost. Many clock repair technicians will recommend replacing the movement over quartz clock repair.

Replacing a quartz clock movements isn't expensive, assuming the manufacturer is still making movements for your clock. If this is the case, we will recommend the best course of action, whether it be an attempt at quartz clock repair, or replacing with a movement from another manufacturer. However, quartz anniversary clocks are rarely even worth replacing the movement; generally if your quartz anniversary clock stops, replacing the entire anniversary clock is the cheapest option.

Types of Quartz Clocks We Repair

We realize that a quartz clock's value is often more sentimental than monetary. Unlike some clock repair shops that refuse to work on quartz clocks, we are happy to restore your special quartz clock to working order for you.

We value quartz clock repair and will work on any type of quartz clock; from the whimsical little clock that always brought a smile to your face to the beautiful clock you received as a wedding gift, and anything in between! Whether it's old or new, large or small, wall-hanging or mantel, costly or inexpensive, you can trust our quartz clock repair process to bring your quartz clock back to life.

We offer quartz clock repair or movement replacement on all types of quartz clocks, and can also repair or replace hands, dials, and other accessories. After our quartz clock repair your clock will be ticking happily for many more years.


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